SANAM COMPANY S.A.S., develops and sale innovative products with high added value, through the use of agro-industrial by-products, mainly coffee fruit; contributing to the conservation of the environment; with responsibility and commitment towards consumers, employees and shareholders.



In 2022 Sanam Company S.A.S., is recognized as an innovative and sustainable agribusiness company, which impacts socially, environmentally and positively the quality life of people, through functional products with high added value, making presence in the national and international markets.


1st Place: CREE en Colombia, CREA empresa. Commerce, Industry and Tourism Ministry. Colombia -2007

2nd Place: International Constest of the JCI, best business plan competition. India (New Delhi) – 2008

EUROPEAID Innovation Awards. Winners New Products Category in the energy field-Panama – 2008

Capital Semilla – Medellin University. Colombia – 2008

Medellin Mayoralty Innovation – Antioquia University. Colombia – 2008

Winner – Bavaria Entrepreneur, Bavaria Foundation. Colombia 2008 - 2009

Antojate de Antioquia – Innovation Category for Cosmetic Line. Colombia – 2011

Winners of the contest America’s Innovators. Sustainability and Ecology. Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) 2001

Selected by the Impact Booster Program as a High Impact Company. The Netherlands (La Haya) 2016

Selected by Innpulsa and Masschallenge, for being a pioneer company in innovation, to participate in the Bootcamp. Israel(Tel Aviv), 2016

Environment and Social Impact Congeniality Award, CNTI Accelerating Program Final Celebration. Chungwoon


Coffee is one of the fruits with more antioxidant content, which help fight oxidation in our body, caused by aging, pollution, improper nutrition, diseases, among others. 


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